January 4, 2014

Oh, It's Nothing....No, really, it's NOTHING!

A few days before Christmas, I came home to find this charming little package waiting for me:

I knew it had to be from someone who knew me well; the good thing about being obnoxious about my obsession with tartan is that no one forgets it.  

I looked at the card and saw that it was from 
my dear friend Deborah.  
Um........ should I wait until Christmas Day 
to open it?  Definitely not; I'm an instant gratification kind of girl.  So I tore into it.

Wow, it just kept getting better.  Was that a Neiman Marcus box peeking out at me?  Yes, please.

You just can't help but recognize the iconic logo of one of the world's most famous and luxurious department stores.  What could be in it?  A tasteful gold bracelet set with a few small  diamonds?

Maybe a small Herend piece in my favorite blue fishnet pattern; Deborah knows I collect that.  

A gift card so that I can finally buy those Chanel flats that I've been lusting over for years?

As I opened the box, I wondered why the tissue was a bit wrinkled.  Not quite up to Neiman's standards, but that was okay.  After all, it was Christmas and even Neiman's occasionally cuts corners.

Much to my chagrin delight, I saw that Deborah had gotten me something that was very near and dear to my heart:  a wonderful addition to my ever expanding tartan tin collection. This gift was much more thoughtful than a silly old bracelet or piece of china or pair of over-priced shoes.  This gift showed that Deborah really put some thought into my Christmas present:

So there it sits on top of my refrigerator in the laundry room.  Fits in perfectly, don't ya think?

 Thanks, Deborah!


  1. Kathy, this is terrific! Love it! And I totally love your new header. Hope you had a wonderful holiday. Happy New Year!

  2. All I can say is I wish Deborah was my friend! I love tartan too.

  3. All I can say is I wish Deborah was my friend! I love tartan too.

  4. Only a good friend can know what is the perfect gift. Love it. I just found your blog and I am your newest follower on GFC. Love the tartan!

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