December 23, 2013

Late to the Party

Due to unforeseen circumstances, i.e., a whole week went missing between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I have only recently completed the Christmas 2013 decorating of my house.  Here are a few photos of what's been going on at Tartan Terrace lately.

I decided to use nutcrackers this year to decorate my Welsh dresser.   I've been working on a knock-off of a $395 MacKenzie-Childs nutcracker but didn't get it finished in time.  Here's the original:

Hopefully I'll have it finished by Christmas 2014.  Unfortunately I have the attention span of a goldfish, so who knows?  

This is looking into the foyer from the living room/study:

This is looking in the opposite direction towards the dining room:

We had a small dinner party and I decorated with tartan ad nauseum:

I put my Staffordshire dogs on the lower shelf of the Welsh dresser.  Can you tell which is the new one from Anthropologie that's a cookie jar? (Here's the link.)

Apparently felt stocking kits were popular back in the day.  This is mine; considering how old it is, it's in pretty good shape:

This is my Staffordshire snow village.  It's on a shelf above my computer:

My thanks to Alison over at The Polohouse for introducing me to beautiful, glittery snow here.  

And finally, here's the little Windsor child's chair that I bought at an estate sale a few years ago.  It's awaiting the appearance of our first little grandbaby, due any day now.  So excited!

Happy Christmas to all, and to all a 


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