1. I love the new blog too! can't wait to see more:)Couldn't agree with you more-- tartans & sterling forever!

  2. Katharine, I love your profile statement. What kind of dog is Bitsy? I'm having a great time visiting Tartan Terrace.
    Where in TX? I'm in Austin. ~ sarah

    1. Bitsy is half Bichon and half Maltese. She's actually just a mutt, but very lovable. What kind of dog is Sadie? She's adorable!

      I live in Dallas, but I visit Austin often because my sister lives there as well as two of our four children. Love that town, even if it IS weird (just kidding.) You know what they say: "Keep Austin weird" and "Keep Dallas plastic." Unfortunately, there's some truth to that.

  3. Can you please tell me the name of the antique store where you bought your welsh dresser? I'm in need of quality stores in Dallas to shop for antiques. I love your blog, please continue to post! Thanks-Julie