May 1, 2013

Tartans and Daisies and Dogs, Oh My!

Today I'm joining Alison over at The Polohouse for her Favorites on the First linky party.  This month's party features beautiful, lovely flowers.  What a great party!

While the above photo might be a bit cheesy and is certainly staged, I really do take Bitsy on my bike for rides, sans tartan blanket and yellow daisies.  She's pretty sure that she doesn't like it, but so far she hasn't tried to bail out.  

I have a window box outside my kitchen window.  I just planted it with calla lilies, begonias, creeping jenny and potato vine, among others:

It looks pretty good now, but we'll see how it looks in August after another scorching Texas summer.  Fingers crossed!

And finally, I ran by the grocery store and bought this bouquet of hydrangeas and roses.  I love the way it looks in my blue and white tureen:

It's sitting on my old oak chest of drawers in our library/living room.

  I don't use very much orange in my decorating, but it's hard to beat that pop of color against the blue.

I was recently at an absolutely GORGEOUS home store in Kansas City.  I'm planning to do a post on Nell Hill's store soon, but I'll leave you with this "teaser" photo:

Matches my hydrangea arrangement, don't ya think?

Thanks, Alison, for hosting another fun party!


  1. Love your arrangements and staging.

  2. Can't wait to see your Nell Hill's post - one of my favorite stores that I only get to visit every couple of years. The orange roses almost have me loving orange - they are beautiful!!! Sally

  3. Love Nell Hill's. One of my favorites.

  4. Bitsy is a cutie and looks ready for her photo shoot. She even looks like she's smiling. Love your arrangement in the library/living room, and can't wait to see what you got at Nell Hill's.

  5. Thanks for linking up Kathy!
    I am dying to hear more about the Nell Hill store.
    I have heard it is quite the experience.

    Looking forward to watching your new plants fill out
    in their pots as the weeks go by!


  6. Bitsy looks so cute in her basket. I can barely get Sadie to ride in the car. I'm sure she would bail from a basket. ;-)
    Love the pop of orange with the blue and white. Perfection! Can't wait to see your review of Nell Hill's. That's a place I've always wanted to visit. ~ Sarah

  7. Kathy, beautiful flowers! I love the pop of orange. And Bitsy looks adorable in the bike basket.

    Have a great weekend!

  8. Hi Kathy, I love the photo of your sweet dog in your bicycle basket! So cute. The flower arrangements are beautiful. I enjoyed reading your post over at Alison's blog. Have a great weekend! Pamela

  9. Hi Kathy...just started following you on Bloglovin as a result of my following "The Polohouse." Love your style. Your window box is beautiful and I have a questions about the coco liner. Did you line the coco with something to help it retain some moisture? Last time I used a coco liner the water just poured out of it and it was very difficult to keep moisture in the plants. If you are having a similar issue try lining it with a large plastic bag and punch some holes in the bag for drainage. Works like a charm. Have a wonderful mothers day! Vikki in VA

  10. Hi Kathy,

    I have finally had a chance to visit your blog and I am loving it! Such beautiful photos and your dog- so sweet!! I am going to spend some time on back posts as I love your style.

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