September 9, 2012

Goin' to the Chapel

Just when I didn't think things could get any more exciting over here at Tartan Terrace, my sweet daughter K.A. announced her engagement to her equally sweet boyfriend!

Wowza!  Two weddings in one year!  I posted about my son and his girlfriend's engagement HERE and that was wonderful.  And now we have even more wonderfulness!

I'll be posting on all of the plans once I get over the shock start getting organized, but for now I'm doing a fun post on some hilarious weddings that I found on Pinterest.  If any of these photos are of you, please accept my apologies!

Don't you just love it when everything matches ?

How's this for a classy invitation?

I would love to find a Mother of the Bride dress just like this:

It never hurts to be armed:

Who said you need a ring?

One-stop shopping:

I'm at a loss for words…. except, is she smoking a cigarette?

I don't know if y'all have seen the TV show "My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding."  If you haven't, you're in for a treat:

Are you ready for the grand finale?  Brace yourselves.  It's a little X-rated, so be warned.  

Just one more photo before the ultimate TACKY WEDDING PHOTO.

If you don't have quite enough to pay for the honeymoon, just do a little panhandling at the reception:

Ok, here we go. 

Are you sitting down?

The first-place….prize-winning….


I warned you.


  1. Big Year for you! Congratulation to both your daughter and your son. I'll look forward to updates on all the plans. Still laughing about this post!

  2. Congratulations to your son and daughter. What an exciting time. It looks like you already have lots of "inspiration" photos. Giggle.

  3. OMG my mouth is on the floor! I needed the laugh, that last dress....there are now words!!!!!!! A big congratulations to you and your daughter (and son on his engagement). It definitely brings a lot of excitment to the air!! Best of luck.

  4. Congratulations to both your kids! I just got engaged myself and am thinking we'll HAVE to be the hillbilly wedding couple for Halloween. So great!