February 21, 2012

My Sweet Girl

This picture was taken of my daughter when she was about five.  Isn't she adorable?  (Please note that she's wearing a red plaid dress.  The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.) She's the sweetest girl in the world.  No, really…she is.  I'm not just saying it.  Although it's true that she's my only daughter, she really is the best that there is to offer.  

Here's an example of why I think that she's so wonderful.  The other day she gently touched my arm, looked at me earnestly with her big, blue eyes, and said, "Mom, I just want you to know one thing:  I will NEVER put you in a nursing home!"  

Okay, it was a little random and a tad disturbing.  I'm not quite old enough to start worrying about where I will spend my golden years.  But still, it's kind of comforting to know that she's not planning to ship me off to the old folks' home assisted living as soon as I get lost driving to the grocery store.  Of course, we'll see how her future husband feels when the time comes.  

Okay, enough morbid thoughts.  On to more cheerful things.

This is a picture taken of me when I was in the first grade.  It's been sitting around the house for years, stuck in an old glass paperweight.  Honestly, were paperweights ever really needed?  I guess that when windows were left open because there was no air conditioning, papers tended to fly around the room, and so paperweights were useful.  Now that most of us have air conditioning, they are more decorative.  They make good Girl Scout projects.  But I digress…..

Much to my husband's delight, this is what my sweet daughter gave him for Christmas.  She had stayed up practically all night on Christmas Eve to paint this picture of me from the paperweight picture.  It's similar to a water color, but it's called "gouache." 

'Gouache, which means "water paint" or "splash" in Italian, is a type of paint 
in which the pigment is suspended in water. Gouache is different from 
watercolor in that the particles are larger, there is much more pigment, 
and a white pigment such as chalk is also present, which is how 
gouache retains its amazing velvety, opaque, reflective qualities.'


Isn't it amazing?  I just love it.  Now all I have to do is find a frame for it.  


I like this frame, but it would have to be a different color.  Maybe pink?

Pretty, but WAY too fancy

Like the moss, but so not suitable.  Too funky.

Oh dear.  When I googled "frames," these came up.  I love them, though. Tortoiseshell glasses are my favorite.

I think I found it….the perfect frame. I love MacKenzie-Childs.  This frame comes in other background colors besides blue; it also comes in white, green and black. It's called the "Flower Market Enamel Frame."  So pretty.

So this is the end of my story about my sweet girl.  Although she has graduated from college and has flown the coop, she will always be my little girl.  I'm so lucky to have her.  

BTW, if you're interested in commissioning her for artwork, email me for more info.  

Hope y'all have a great day!


  1. What a beautiful gift! I love gouache, & your daughter sounds like such a beautiful person & is clearly very talented.

    Happy mid-week to you!

  2. Keri - Thanks! She's a pretty great kid!

  3. What an absolute treasure! Your daughter was a tartan darlin' from an early age. And, her talent and kindness, well those are jut beyond.

    Count your blessings. Looks like you have many!!! :)

  4. What a beautiful gift from your talented daughter! Blessings, Pamela

  5. Kathy, this is the sweetest post. The painting is adorable! Would love to meet your daughter. '-)

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