February 14, 2012

I Heart Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day has always been one of my favorite holidays.  We've gotten through the worst of the winter (at least in Dallas), and we're ready for warmer days.   Along with primroses (see my last post HERE), paper white narcissus, tulip trees, flowering quince and Carolina Jessamine, Valentine's Day is a harbinger of spring; it promises that we're on the cusp of the loveliest time of the year.  

Having finally gotten all of my Christmas decorations put away, I see that it's time to get down the Valentines.  But that's okay…..it's one of my favorite holidays, right?

I always start by flying my Valentine flag and hanging my tole wreath on the front door.

My cloche is the perfect place for this so-ugly-that-it's-cute cupid. (My husband totally does not get this.) 

This is my mother when she was about three.  (Wasn't she adorable?)  My grandmother never threw anything of my mother's away.  (And no, my grandmother wasn't a hoarder…she was just very sentimental.)  I found all of my mother's old Valentine's cards up in the attic of my grandmother's house.  What a treasure! There are literally hundreds of them, along with old birthday and Christmas cards. 

My Sweet Mother

Hope that y'all have a lovely day!


  1. Happy Valentines Day! I love your tole wreath, and your grandmother sounds like a person I would've liked-- I'm sentimental too. The pictures of your mother are beautiful!


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