August 13, 2012

Frances Fontaine: Artist Extraordinaire

My friend Frances is a wonderful artist.  Although she was an elementary school art teacher for years, her passion was painting.  

Frances finally said good-bye to the classroom and hello to the palette.  

She's now living in a town on the Gulf of Mexico and painting her heart away.  I love the beachy vibe.

Love these colors.

This painting makes me want to head straight for the beach.

Frances also paints pet commissions:


Isn't this amazing?

I bought this pink tutu painting from Frances a few years ago. It's hanging in our guest bath, and I love it:

I saw this cherry painting that Frances did and thought it was so luscious that I commissioned her to paint one for me:

I can hardly wait to get it.  

If you would like to visit Frances's website, go HERE, and tell her that I said hello.


  1. Great paintings! I love the Southern bird & fish. I am checking her work out. xo

  2. Ron - Every time I look at your blog, I think of Frances's artwork. She grew up and has lived in Louisiana for most of her life, so you are kindred spirits!

  3. I like Frances' work. Good for her for following her dream.

  4. Sarah - You're right; Frances followed her dream and it paid off!

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