May 15, 2012

PicMonkey: Before and After

Don't worry.  This isn't another post about Thomas.  He's out-of-control and there's nothing I can do about it.  Yesterday he was sitting inside the house at my kitchen window watching the birds outside eat from the bird feeder.  All of a sudden, he burst through the screen, caught a bird and brought it back into the kitchen.  I've had it with that cat.

I've talked about PicMonkey before HERE.  It's a great way to edit photos.  You can see that I've fixed up the top photo with picture corners and my "Tartan Terrace" watermark.  I also brightened it up a little. But do you notice something that is in the second photo that isn't in the first?  Look carefully…

Yes, you got it!  I took out the ugly electrical outlet and also the navy cord cover.  Isn't that just so cool?  (I'm sure that any professional photographer that's reading this is probably laughing at what an amateur I am.)

I learned about PicMonkey from Betsy Speert's blog HERE.  If you've never read her blog, you're really missing out.  She is hilarious and always has great posts.  Her work has been in many magazines and she's even written a few books.  She's retired now and lives in Massachusetts during the summer and Florida during the winter.  Her little Florida house is adorable.  I highly recommend reading her blog.

So that's my short post.  I'm linking up to Between Naps on the Porch HERE for Metamorphosis Monday.  It's a groovy place to visit for fun house projects and much more.

Have a great rest of the week!