April 15, 2012

I Love Pink!

Today I'm joining the Pink Saturday linky party over at How Sweet the Sound HERE.  After reading all about my pink obsession, trot on over to Pink Saturday to see others with this same affliction.  

This post will be a bit different from the ones y'all have seen here in the past.  I know that I've shown you some weird/funky/odd images.

First there was my bat…..
I bought this in Tucson at the Gem and Mineral Show.  I've always had a strange obsession with bats.  Maybe it's the fact that they're the only mammals that fly…. or that they have those fierce little teeth.  I don't know what it is, but I'm fascinated with them.

This is my "bird in hand."  I bought the mannequin hand at Round Top and added the papier-mâché bird.  Maybe not weird or odd but rather whimsical.

Remember when I took this picture of Bitsy sitting on my ghost table?  I had a good reason for taking it, but now I can't remember what it was.

Btw, she's gotten her summer 'do because it's already getting hot down here in Texas.  I would show you a pic of her, but I don't want to humiliate her.  While I know that she's more comfortable with short hair, she looks like a large white rat (according to my husband).  I think I'll wait until her fur grows out before she's included in anymore photo shoots.  I don't want to scare you away from my blog.

Despite some of the oddities on my blog, I'm actually pretty much of a "girly girl." I love ruffles and lace, diamonds and pearls… and I LOVE PINK!!!!

I never realized how much I loved pink until I had my little baby girl.  After having had boys and everything that went along with them (OshKosh B'Gosh overalls, toy fire engines and Mack trucks, G.I. Joes, snakes, bugs and BB guns), I had a sweet little girl and was able to get into the whole pink vibe.  Beautiful smocked Easter dresses, tea parties and pink tutus all came into my life.  

Pink makes me happy.  The master bedroom in my last house was painted pink. Bitsy's favorite collar and leash are pink (but no rhinestones because that would make her feel tacky).  So here are a few photos from my Pinterest boards  HERE that show you how much I LOVE PINK!!!  

I need this ring.  Seriously.

Pink transferware and Herend.  Heaven!


Pink and green.  Maybe a cliché, but I still love it.

Besides the usual knives, files and scissors, this Swiss Army knife has a mirror, pill box, perfume bottle, safety pin, needle and thread.  What every girl needs.  

I. Want. This. Pink. Phone. Cover.

Pink roses and a mint julep cup.  So Southern…

Sugar-rimmed pink lemonade margarita.  Wowza!

Speaking of tutus, my friend Frances painted this.  Isn't it totally cool? 



  1. I love pink too but do not share your love for bats:) Pink makes me happy...beautiful post!

    1. Thanks, Tina! Glad you stopped by, and I hope that Teddy had a restful weekend.

  2. Me too!! I am currently working on a pink room! I also carry a pink Victorinox Swiss Army knife and use it daily. Pretty much anything pink catches my eye, and it appears I am passing on a love for it to one of my daughters.

    Glad to know we're sisters in pink! ;)

  3. Okay, I'm thirsty! That pink lemonade margarita did it! Gorgeous pink inspirations...Thank you for sharing with us :-).
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  4. I wish I looked good in that gorgeous skirt!! I would love that ring, and would enjoy sitting at a table with the cup of roses and your bird in hand, I even like the bat :0) Great Pink Choices! TFS, and Happy Pink Saturday!

  5. Wonderful post...I love pink too...especially the pink lace! I also loved your bat.