January 25, 2012

Estate Sales, Vol. II

Highland Park Estate Sale in Dallas

As promised in my last post, I want to share some of the junk fabulous finds I came across on my estate sale excursion.   You just never know what you'll see at these things.

Are you kidding me?  A Playboy pinball machine?  Beyond tacky…...

This old tv was in a house that had been occupied by the same family for generations.  I guess they found it hard to get rid of things.  I wonder if it still works.  Even if it did, it's not digital, so why in the world did they keep it? Sentimental value, I guess.

Speaking of tacky…. This almost looks like plastic.  It's just wrong.

I thought that this bust covered with shells had possibilities (sort of).  

What in the world - a mid-century puzzle table?  Odd…..

I love pink, but there's something strange (and a little hideous) about this chair.

There are almost always Christmas ornaments to be had at any estate sale.  I love the vintage ones.

Not only is the washer dented, but the dryer still contains clothes.    I wonder if they're included in the sale?

This reminds me of a funny story.  Years ago I had a garage sale and sold a microwave.  As I was helping carry it out to the car, the woman who bought it said, "Did you know that there are nachos in there?"  It seems that my son had gone out to the garage the night before the sale and made nachos in the microwave (and apparently forgot a few).  How embarrassing!

This hand-painted umbrella is kind of cool.  Might be neat in a retro pool cabana.

This kitchen reminded me of Hoarders (one of my favorite tv shows…it's like a train wreck…I can't help myself…I have to watch it).  

This is what I don't understand about estate sales.  I've seen so many things for sale that, to me, would have way too much sentimental value to part with.  Look at this photo of this precious little girl.  She was obviously someone's daughter, sister, mother or grandmother at one time.  I get that the person for whom the estate sale is being held has probably died, but wouldn't you think that some of the relatives would want to keep this photo?  And by the way, this isn't the same as an old tv, in my opinion.  Not even close...

This must be some kind of space-age chair.  I don't even want to know...

More Christmas…..

Everyone needs a mink, even in Texas.

I think that Rachel Ashwell would love this old rusted iron table.  Perfectly, shabbily chic. 

Look how cute all of these little hats are!  They remind me of the ones that my grandmother used to wear.  I also like those purses to the left of the sofa.  I think that they are Enid Collins Handbags and were made during the 1960s.  Very collectible. 
While I didn't buy any of the above, I did end up with a few treasures.

I love this oak child's Windsor chair.  I don't think that it's an antique but it does have some age to it.  The sweet little doggy needlepoint pillow is another estate sale find.  

This child's sailor suit caught my eye.  I can just see it framed in my laundry room with all of my hanging vintage plaid lunch boxes.

I'm always on the lookout for sterling christening cups to add to my collection.  I love them when they're monogrammed and have a few dings and dents.  More interesting to me than brand new ones.  This one is engraved with the following:


(Anybody know these people?)

So that's it.  As the weather begins to get warmer, I will be going to more estate sales and posting more fabulous finds.  Maybe I should start an Etsy store….. no, it's more fun to buy than sell.  At least that's what I tell my long-suffering husband. So far, he buys it.  


  1. Great finds! I once saw an old TV like that used as a TV stand for today's standard flatscreen. Cheeky I thought!
    That is so funny you saw a seashell bust. I found one at the ABC Carpet & Home Store when I was in NY and posted about it here: http://www.yourdaysimplified.com/abc-home-store-nyc/ It is the last picture.

  2. Oh my, did they have the stuff! If I had an amazing dressing room that pink round poof of a chair would've been perfect (after it was cleaned and recovered!)!

  3. Your captions are cracking me up!
    Seriously! Too funny!

    Your plaid over here attracted me
    like a moth to light. :) Your masthead
    is amazing.

    (I found you on Pinterest
    last evening and was stalking all of
    your fantastic pins!!! I think we are
    kindred spirits?)

    So nice to meet you and thank you
    for putting my little old
    blog on your sidebar. You are so kind!

    I look forward to getting to know you better.
    Can't wait to see the plaid lunch boxes you mentioned!


  4. So fun! I grew up in HP, but now live in KC. It's always fascinating to see the random stuff people have collected over the years. I'm so excited to follow your blog! I discovered a newfound love for tartan after I married a Robertson.

  5. Hi Katherine!!!

    WOW!!! The old tv could be turned into a really nice bookcase. The bust in with the shells...in the garden(?)(I just don't like those shells. It looks like she was swimming in the ocean and came out of the water with them attached. Also, the bright blue chair...I would recover or paint it and use that on the patio as a summer seat.

    BUT!!!!! What I would have gone crazy for is the hats and the purses. I collect vintage hats, purses, gloves and anything that goes with women's adorn themselves with. What were the prices like for these?

    Thanks for the journey down (I live up here in Vancouver, BC) in Texas!!